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Employer Resources – Editing Event for Online Career Fair

This could be what entices a student to register to meet with you during the fair, or why they return to the list of attending employers without scheduling a time to meet with you… Take some time to be sure it is attractive to students / alumni and up-to-date before the fair!

1. Log into the Employer Portal of the CAREERLINK platform.

  • www.ndsu.12twenty.com/hire
  • Any contact associated with your employer profile, will be able to edit and/or add the URL to your company’s event

2. Select Events from the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Locate your company’s event from the event’s page and open the event by clicking on the dark green title text.

  • Events are formatted in the following way –  Company Name  |  Online Spring Career Fair
  • If your company’s event isn’t listed – check to see that we have received your payment… remember that we are not listing companies on our website or creating events until after we have received the payment in full. It may take up to 48 business hours after we’ve received payment to create your event.
  • If you have submitted your payment, and it has been longer than 48 hours since making your payment – please contact the Career and Advising Center.


4. Select the Action button from the top, right-hand side of the screen, then select Edit Event from the drop down. 

5. Notes when editing your event…

Please do not edit or make any changes to the following fields:

  • Event Name
  • Event Type
  • Event Format
  • Target Audience
  • Employer Name
  • Registration Documents –
  • Student Group or Degree Level under “Eligibility”
  • Primary Event Contact

Fields that we suggest you review and edit are:

  • Majors – students are highly encouraged to search for relevant companies based on majors selected by employers… be sure that you have selected the appropriate and any relevant majors so that you appear for the students you want to visit with
    • YOU MUST add or delete any majors from this drop down, to make any changes to the filters that your company will appear under.
    • If you only change the text in the Event Description area, it will NOT make any changes to the filters in the system that you will appear under
  • Employer Event Date Preferences – you will need to enter a date here, as it is a required field… but this WILL NOT change the date of the fair you are attending. Please enter the date of the fair you are attending and select any of the time preferences, again – this will NOT adjust anything in your actual fair event.
  • Event Description – This is where we highly encourage you to make as robust and enticing as possible! Students will see this information before they register to meet with you – think of this as your company’s pop-up banner or display items on your table, if it were an in-person event. You are able to hyperlink in this section, but not add any pictures. We suggest hyperlinking to company web pages or videos that might help the students learn more about your company!
  • Attachments – feel free to attach any documents or pictures that you’d like students to be able to easily access or view (perhaps documents that you would normally have available at an in-person event)
  • Employers in Attendance – feel free to include any of the recruiters attending the event for students to view ahead of time